GTMaps - Topographical Maps of New Zealand for Garmin© GPS

How do I install the maps on my PC?

Firstly - you should have installed the Mapsource program that comes with most GPS units.

The CD installation program should start automatically. If it does not, or you have autoplay disabled, use file explorer to open the CD. Then double-click the gtmapinstaller program.

Follow the prompts. The installer will suggest an installation folder, but you can change this if you like (e.g. to another disk with more space).

How do I install the maps on my GPS?

Once the maps are installed, run Mapsource
If you want to use customisations, you should download them before running Mapsource. Install just one tile first, and check out what it looks like on the GPS before installing a whole lot.

If it isn't already - select NZ topo as the map product.

Zoom out so you can see the whole country. Easiest is (menu) View / Zoom out Region.

Select the yellow bordered 'map tool' button.
Drag over the whole country ( or the area you want to download ). All the map tiles you selected will be yellow, then should turn pink after it's thought about it for a while.

The maps tab on the left should list all the maps you have selected. Check that the size at the bottom is less than your card size. If you have a 512MB card you should be able to select the whole country.

If you want to use the free autorouting maps as well, you need to switch to those maps, and select them as well. You need to load all your maps at once. You cannot 'add' maps to what is in there. Any time you load maps you delete what is already loaded.

EITHER insert your Micro SD card into a Micro SD Adapter, and insert that into a card reader,
OR connect your GPS via the USB connector.
Doing it via a card reader will probably be faster.

Then press the 'send to GPS' button (arrow points to a GPS).
Choose a device in the Device box. Either the GPS or the card that you have selected.
Check that 'what to send' shows maps ticked.
Press send.
Go away and have a cup of coffee.

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